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So. Have you ever have a really weird but very strong hunch? And if so, did you follow it? what happened? Are you glad you did it?


I’m at a big crossroads in my life, and while I’m trying to make Some things happen through regular channels, I am having a pretty strong desire to do something that feels less like Plan B than Option Q. But I’m feeling pretty strongly about it.

3 years ago I moved away from Beloved Major City for a brand new job, which has gone terribly for me, and I’m also really not fond of Horribly Provincial Smaller Town I’ve moved to, which is hyper conservative and Christian. I’ve been selectively looking for other jobs in other locations since moving here, and have scored job interviews such as Dream Job in Paris, (came in second dag blast it!), Similar Job in Really Cool Small City (didn’t even get a rejection, much less the job) and currently have an interview lined up in Cool-Sounding European City I’ve Never Been To, plus I have several applications pending that I’m optimistic about.


But. Meanwhile, I miss Beloved City so much. Some friends and acquaintances have moved away in the time that I’ve been gone and the city is changing all the time. But I feel more at home there than I guess I have anywhere.

So my weird hunch is to buy property there, a multi-unit building so I could live in one unit and rent out the other(s). I’ve been window shopping for real estate online. And I fell in love with a weird building in a weird area. It’s on the edge of a really dangerous neighborhood, but the specific block it’s in shows as “low crime” according to the real estate site, which plots police activity around the areas for you.


Well I came back to the city this weekend and drove by to see the place. No realtor, just driving by to get a feel for the area. So it’s around a weird bend in the road / strange intersection and the property itself is fenced in and set back from the road, sandwiched between a mechanic’s shop and another industrial building. There are other houses on the same side of the street. Opposite is an elevated train track and another business.

This is not the kind of area or neighborhood I’m usually into, at all. But I love it. There’s an apple tree bearing fruit in the small front yard. The residential block behind it seems well maintained. The mortgage would be low enough that even if I went a few months between tenants it would not be a strain. I’m imagining quitting my job and living there with a giant doggie. And figuring out what to do for work later. I could buy the building outright if I wanted to rob my retirement fund, which I don’t want to do. Or possibly I could buy it outright with the money I’ll be inheriting from my father.


My friend is actively trying to talk me out of it because of the weird location. Might be difficult to find the kind of tenants I want. Not a lot of resale value, etc. and I agree on all counts, except that I love it. We drove around and looked at many other potential properties in much better neighborhoods that will rent easily and have resale out the wazoo. But I’m stuck on this place.

Anyhow. Just wondering if you’ve ever followed through on a weird but strong hunch, and if so how it worked out!

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